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1/12: Anamnesis 1.0: The first official public build! PC (Click) / OSX (Click)

1- We’ve been alerted to a big ol’ bug. Sometimes (Like .2% of the time) when you start the game, you’ll see writing on the walls in the entry hallway. If you see this, it means you’ve somehow started in the ending. Just restart the game and EMAIL US! We’re going nuts trying to track it down.

2- Looks like the Dropbox links got banned for using too much bandwith (Awesome!), we’re uploading to S3 now. If you got a 404, it should be back within the hour. 


Almost 2 months after letting 1.0 into the wild, it occurred to us that we never included a Read Me with the controls. There is an in game tutorial, but some players manage to bypass it. 

How to play Anamnesis

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the Rift is set flat against your desk/table, lenses up when you start the game. 
  • Use the mouse to move- Left Mouse Button to move forward, LMB + RMB to go backwards.
  • You can lift the Rift to your eyes at any point during play to utilize the psychic goggles. 
  • And if you get stuck, check out the walkthrough on the press page.

Also!: Alexa will be demoing the game at the Oculus Arcade at IBM’s Dev/Pulse conference 2/24-2/25. Stop by and say Hi if you’re there!

A mechanics overview video we worked up for our EGW submission. If you don’t know how the game works, this is a non-story focused explanation. 

Let’s Play video of Anamnesis

Youtube’s Oculus Rifter did a Let’s Play of Anamnesis.

Very nice overview of the game! Thank you Oculus Rifter, for your time in doing this! 


Anamnesis 1.0

Alexa & I are CRAZY EXCITED to show off Anamnesis 1.0, the first official, finished release of the game. 



If you run into a bug or a crash, PLEASE let us know. We have a limited number of machines and configurations to test on and would love to know if its acting wonky somewhere. 

Latest gameplay trailer. Tech trailer next week!

99.5% Gold Build Available

We’re so close! We have one more small content update we worked out last night, but what’s on the Builds page represents a version that we’re incredibly happy to share with the world. Go check it out!

Beta build now available! (/ ^ 0^)/

The ending of the game is now complete! 

Get the Beta build at “Game Builds”

From here on out, it is all about refining the experience to make it juicy, juicy, juic-y.

We are incredibly thrilled to be featured alongside so thirty mindblowing projects on IndieStatik’s Top 31 Student IGF picks. Fellow USC teams House of Cards, Two, Outer Wilds and Kayasa are also in the student IGF and we’re unbelievably psyched to be representing so hard this year. 

(Also, psst: New build over on the Builds page)